Scott. Natural skincare for the active man

Natural skincare for the active man

Scott. is a range of natural skincare products, specifically formulated for the active man. Organic where possible, we believe in only using the best quality ingredients on our skin. 

Formulated by men, for men, we take pride in the fact that we set out as a brand aimed at active guys who like to look after their skin, but are not slaves to a skincare regime. 

Dry skin?

One of the biggest skin complaints we found when we conducted a skincare survey on one hundred guys was dry skin. With air-conditioning/central heating, sun damage, wind, and environmental pollutants, it’s no surprise. 

The beauty of Scott products will be that they will be designed to help fight the sources of dry skin. Scott products will work with your skin to keep it moisturised and flake free to help you get on with your day. Life’s too short to worry about dry skin. also has some helpful tips to help keep hydrated:

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