Scott. Natural skincare for the active man

Natural skincare for the active man

Scott. is a range of natural skincare products, specifically formulated for the active man. Organic where possible, we believe in only using the best quality ingredients on our skin. 

Formulated by men, for men, we take pride in the fact that we set out as a brand aimed at active guys who like to look after their skin, but are not slaves to a skincare regime. 

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and so the adventure began…

Scott skincare. Born March 2013.  A healthy seven and half pounds. Full of potential…?? So this section of the blog follows the journey of Scott the brand. A very scary but truly exciting adventure.

So where did it all begin? After yet another drab day at work, reading over hundreds of dull emails, pretending to care, a quick tube journey home, a browse of Amazon, and a kindle download later, I was immersed in  The School of Life’s ‘How to Find Fulfilling Work’ by Roman Krznaric. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work, I truly recommend this read for that much needed kick up the ass.

Feeling inspired and boosted by my read, and after a few excited conversations with Richard, the idea of Scott was born. We know skincare, right? Why don’t we start a cool new range for men, with products which we’d love to use ourselves, and could see all our friends using? Why the hell not?

Ah, yes, a distinct lack of: money, skin expertise, business knowledge, industry know-how. But then we do love a challenge. And so the adventure began!

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