Scott. Natural skincare for the active man

Natural skincare for the active man

Scott. is a range of natural skincare products, specifically formulated for the active man. Organic where possible, we believe in only using the best quality ingredients on our skin. 

Formulated by men, for men, we take pride in the fact that we set out as a brand aimed at active guys who like to look after their skin, but are not slaves to a skincare regime. 

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Sun and ageing...

Check this out from Men’s Fitness:

Here at Scott we’re a firm believer in protecting your skin from UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning, ouch) rays. We’re hoping to feature a decent SPF in our moisturiser (in the pipeline) to let you get outside and enjoy life without having to worry about these nasty rays.

I know a real concern about SPF is the potential for it to be a bit greasy on the skin or a bit impermeable. Hopefully we can work with the formulators to get the right balance between a good SPF and a product which is still a joy to use… watch this space!

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Ape to Gentleman.

Check this out by one of our fave grooming sites, Ape to Gentleman.

This piece reminds us that looking great is more than gymming to an inch of your life and feeding on protein shakes. A well rounded, active lifestyle, feeding your mouth with nutritious food, and feeding your skin with the right skin products, is the key!

Plus there’s an interactive thing in it too, which is always good.

This is where Tom first wrote about it.