Scott. Natural skincare for the active man

Natural skincare for the active man

Scott. is a range of natural skincare products, specifically formulated for the active man. Organic where possible, we believe in only using the best quality ingredients on our skin. 

Formulated by men, for men, we take pride in the fact that we set out as a brand aimed at active guys who like to look after their skin, but are not slaves to a skincare regime. 

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Men's skin versus women's skin...

So, yep, ‘Men’s Skincare?’ is the tagline for this blog. Men’s skin. Is it really different to women’s?

Well a month or so ago, we undertook some market research, questioning nearly 150 guys about their grooming habits, and it was pretty enlightening. Just over half of the respondents said that it was less important or not at all important that the products they chose were specifically formulated for men. Some of the reasons for this:

“Skin is skin on either a man or a woman it will need similar treatment. Men’s brands are just packaged differently”

“Little difference in products. Feel differences more down to marketing”

“Well, it’s skin, isn’t it. I imagine what works on a woman works equally well on a man, dog, or goose”

“I think men’s products are sometimes just repackaged female products and given a slight manly perfume.”

Interesting, no?

Here at Scott, we believe that there is a difference in men and women’s skin (check out this piece by Ahmed Zambarakji for Shortlist for more on the topic:!-definitely-not-for-girls), and it could pay off to invest some time and thought into the product you choose. A lot of guys out there buy products from women’s ranges, partially because of the belief that men’s skin isn’t different, but also perhaps because male brands just don’t hit the spot: over-fragranced with ‘male’ scents (which actually just irritate your skin), lack of choice in brands, the perception that the male range is just an after-thought spin-off from a successful female range, and cliche packaging/marketing.

Scott aims to strike the balance between satisfying the needs of the skin of  modern man and a great brand which fits into your life and doesn’t treat you like dumb bloke.

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